Porsche on a Shoestring

In the late summer of 1999, my car interest got a new awakening that I hadn't experienced since I got my driving licence back in 1990. It ended (or perhaps just started) with me buying an old Porsche 924 (see the pic above). Since then I realized that this cheap little car gave me lots of fun for a moderate amount of money.

One thing that I don't really like, though, is the price of spare parts of the car. Since the history of the car is much related to VW and Audi, I started searching for cheaper spares from the VAG range, epecially at cheaper non-VAG outlets like Biltema here in Sweden. Their website dont really give any info, but unfortuneately Micro - who have their whole catalouge online - have closed their outlet in Linköping where I live. Anyhow, starting with backward searches on the web on places like Fram, and comparing the parts of my car to the VW and Audi cars and parts I find at Biltema and various scrapyards, I'm starting to get a feel for where to get decently priced stuff.

This page is quite new, but I've already got e-mails with more info to put here. Thanx, keep em coming.

The info below is gatherd from my own experience and from mails sent to me. Standard disclaimers apply. Oh, and if you know of any info missing here, or even better know of a more complete page with this kind of info, please let me know so I can update accordingly.

Parts that fit

Exchange part list
Part Description
Air filter This is identical to the Air filter of VW type 2 - the Transporter bus, and the Audi 100 2.2 of -79 (known as Audi 5000 in the US)
Brakes I found that the inside of the cylinder had rusted and debris was lodged in the bleed hole in the cylinder. Not being able to clean it out I discovered that the front cylinders from a 69 VW Beetle worked. The front cylinders of the Bug have 5/8 inch bores ( bigger than the Porsche's) and are less than half the price of "Porsche Parts". The old rear cylinders had a VW logo stamped in them and the replacements from Shucks Auto Parts look identical. (cost $18.99 each)
CV Joints Most 924/944/951 CV joints are nothing more than type 4 VW bus joints. Here is the details:

Here is the PN for the 924 CV joints 113.501.331D

Here is what it fits:
924 '76-82
944 '83-89
944S '87-'88
944T '86-early 87 to chassis #95HN151524
VW Type 4 Bus
VW Type 411
Exhaust gasket CarQuest sells a exhaust header to exhaust pipe steel gasket from a Chevy 350. It is an exact fit to the Porsche. The gasket cost $4.69 USD versus $6.99 for the Porsche part.
Oil filter This is identical to the oil filters of the Audi 100 LS of the late 1970:ies, and in fact most Audis up until 1992.
Starter The 77-82 Porsche 924 starter (2.0 engine) is exchangable with the following:
78 - 83 Audi 5000 (2.2)
83 - 84 Audi Quattro (2.2)

Part numbers:
Bosch #
VW/Audi #

HP/KW of Starter: 1.0, 9 tooth CW
Steering rack Same as Scirocco
Timing belt The same belt fits Audi Coupe, 80, 100 - 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 4 cyl 72-95 and many other VAG cars suchs as Volkswagen Golf, Passat and Polo
Wheel Stud Patterns Sorry, not many VW's have the same 4 bolt pattern as a 924. The 924 is a '4x108' meaning it has 4 lugs ( duh ) and the lugs measure 108mm diagonally across from center to center. However, if you have many Audi 4000 quattros or VW Quantums around ( must be AWD hence quattro/Quantum ) they are 4x108. All other (2WD) VW's and Audis are 4x100.

When mounting Audi steel wheels on my 924 I needed spacers in the front give room for the brake calipers.

THe only intelligent move by Porsche was the 4 bolt pattern used on the 924. It fits Mustang 4 bolt wheels from 1974 thru 1993. That may be from whence came the rumor. BTW Mazda wheels are within 2mm @ 110 thru 1985.

Parts that don't fit

The external door handles of the early 924:s look identical to the ones of same-age VW Golfs and Jettas - but they are different internally. They do have the same low quality it seems.


www.924.org have lots of info, including FAQ:s and a good discussion forum.
Steens 924 page have some nice pics of a restoration as well as some hints for stereo mounting.

Other recommended reading

Please do read the book "Original Porsche 924/944/968" by Peter Morgan (published 1998 by Bay View Books, ISBN 1 901432 05 X) for lots of information and pics of the various models of this car.

The brittish magazine "911 & Porsche world" appears randomly in shops here, but I actually found issue No 65 August 1999 to be of good help with it's buyer's guide to 924:s.


A table wich lists different VW and Audi models in the US and Europe is needed, to answer questions suchs as "What is a Rabbit in Europe" or "We have no Audi 5000 here in Sweden".

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